We want to help you understand Urban 3’s build process as much as possible. Please see below some frequently asked questions, and if you have a specific question that isn’t answered please feel free to head to our enquiries page and Ask Your Question.

Our bespoke Preliminary Service Agreement allows us to work closely together to ensure the design suits your site, lifestyle and budget. Within this agreement, we will capture all the required site and design intel to ensure costs are accurate. The engineering team will complete soil tests and site contours, which will help us design the footing system, sewer system, stormwater system and confirm fencing heights. Between the engineering work you will work closely with our Custom Home Specialist and designers to create the perfect home design. When the final plan has been created, it will go to 6-star energy assessment before you start your selections. With all of the above information we can confidently price your new build and obtain planning approval.

We have a very unique approach on how we present our fixed price quotes. We don’t price our custom homes on a “range” like most builders do, as that “range” generally isn’t a full scope of what you desire in your new home. We complete ALL selections up front, prior to any costings. This guarantees you that when we deliver your fixed price quote, it is based on the exact home that suits your taste and needs. Every build is different, so the rate will differ between site locations and final selections.

Our up front and honest approach through the pre-construction phase means that you will own copyright to ALL the information and documentation we produce for you. If you believe that Urban 3 isn’t the builder for you and wish to take the documentation elsewhere, then we are comfortable with you doing so. 


We can offer you a price on your plans but will not preliminary price or guess any cost centres, as it is not a true reflection on the price. For us to price your build, you will need to supply us with fully completed planning application plans, all required engineering, 6-star energy report and a detailed specification sheet.

We pride ourselves on service and communication. You will work most closely with our single Custom Home Specialist throughout your construction journey – with direct contact through both mobile and email. You will not have to jump through hoops to obtain updates, ask questions or discuss anything important throughout your build. Our onsite team is intimate and personable as well, with our individual 1st and 2nd build phase construction manager and supervisor.